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Training system modules

9th Kyu - Stances, Deflections, Elements, Rolls, KATA DANTE

8th Kyu - Strikes, Kicks, Multiple Attackers, Grappling Essentials

7th Kyu - Take downs, Atemi-jitsu, Grappling (Basic Submissions)

6th Kyu - Groundwork, Body-holds, Pain Compliance Techniques, Gun Hold-ups...

5th Kyu - WEAPON: Knife defence

4th Kyu - WEAPON: Jo (Short Staff), Tonfa (P.R. 24 Baton)

3rd Kyu - WEAPON: 4ft Hanbo (Medium Staff)

2nd Kyu - WEAPON: Belt work, Single-Arm Fighting

1st Kyu - WEAPON: Nunchakas...

1st Dan - Confidential

The nine steps of training

As you join Ninja SA the first three levels are basic training; these levels form the fundamentals of this dynamic style. Following the first levels are the honing stages, a more advanced tool box of combat techniques are attached to the system. You will learn to combat a variety of situations using the flow of this art. It is in no way a static art, so you will not be defending preset “acted” attacks. This is a real martial system; unlike sport arts we simulate real life as close as we can.


Once the Ninjitsu practitioner has passed the empty hand combat stage, weapons are added to the training. The weapon system fits directly onto the empty hand system working as an extension of the body. As each weapon is mastered you move onto the next discipline.


This is an art, you never stop learning meaning that every training session you will acquire new ideas and techniques irrespective on your years of experience or level. This system is a dynamic and powerful tool for self development, through training you will find that you will handle the stress and strains of everyday life better and develop internally and externally.


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